December 05, 2017

After planning for a whole one month , we bring you our "EXOTIC ELEGANCE " Styled shoot .
The purpose of this shoot was to bring out an exotic elegant look, with simple make up , traditional jewellery along with a simple cotton saree .
It is amazing what simplicity can bring out, when you've got brilliant team members on board .

The team :
Make up artist : Dazzling Darlings
Saree : Vadivu
Photography : Stardust Fusion
Content Writer : Flo4u
Models : Sivi, Narthana, Yaso

As you can see on the photos , Sivi is wearing the Kundan bangles ( Also known to be worn by Samantha on her wedding day ) along with a semi precious ruby mango haram.

Narthana is wearing the elegant antique Kundan style long necklace and Yaso has got the antique goddess design long haram with a kasu malai.

We are thankful to the over 600 views we got on the day we released the shoot on our stories on Instagram at Vrddhi.

To all the ladies out there , it's all
About the exotic elegant look.
There are no rules that you have to abide by that you should only wear bright colours , lots of jewellery or wear a high amount of make up .
Keep it simple and you will be the one standing out from the crowd .