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About us

Explore Our Heritage: Revealing the story of VRDDHI

About is an exciting new way to buy Asian Fashion, Bridal Jewellery and Accessories Online. While the idea of buying jewellery online is not new, provides a detailed description to help you search and order the perfect jewellery to match your needs for all occasions. will delight you with its wide collection of Asian and Western, Fashion Jewellery and Satisfy you with its excellent customer service.

About Vrddhi
Vrddhi Jewellery started the business in 2012 as home based . Due to popularity and quality, it was able to bring the business into the online world and an Instagram account opened in 2016. Fame appeared in a short time as the price was guaranteed and customer service was outstanding.

Vrddhi Fashion Jewellery is a U.K. based Fashion Jewellery store currently having store In CROYDON, SURREY. 

Vrddhi is often bestowed with abundant wishes and praised by customers for making the “fashion jewellery” shopping an out-of-the-world experience. 

Our vision is to offer our customers the most exclusive and beautiful collection of jewellery and gratify them from our exceptional service and quality. 

Our main aim is to provide the best quality at an affordable price range that anyone can buy . Whoever comes , should be able to pick a jewellery to take back with them . Hence , there is a wide price range , to ensure that no one that goes to Vrddhi Jewellery is disappointed. is an online initiative of  Vrddhi Fashion Jewellery.