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Take care of your jewellery:  do’s and don’t’s of caring your vrddhi uk jewellery for a longer life.

Take care of your jewellery: do’s and don’t’s of caring your vrddhi uk jewellery for a longer life.

Here are a few tips to take care of your delicate  VRDDHI UK jewellery pieces.


  1. Always keep jewellery away from any kind of direct or indirect heat. Heat can affect the back of the stone, which is not heat proof causing a change in color and shape
  2. Avoid any kind of moisture and closed environments for a long period of time (e.g. bank lockers, jewellery boxes which are made of satin or leather cloth) as lack of air will cause an oxidizing process on gold plated jewellery .
  3. Always keep two pieces of jewellery separate in individually zip locked bags (as per the size of the piece), followed by insertion in a plastic box with separate partitions for each piece. This will help create vacuum and block the entry of moisture thereby preventing corrosion and keeping the piece intact even in closed environments
  4. To ensure that they are shining for longer, always store in a dry area.



  1. Avoid contact of any room spray or cologne or perfume or any spray items as it can cause tarnishing of gold or other plated jewellery.
  2. Avoid contact of the jewellery with any kind of heat in the form of light during display/storage or from close contact with electronic devices like hair dryers that generate heat
  3. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners on your jewellery
  4. Avoid moisture on the jewellery while storing the items in locker in satin or other material boxes
  5. Do not wear jewellery while putting on makeup or styling your hair. Wear the jewellery at the end of getting dressed as the different chemicals present in makeup and hair sprays can affect your jewellery
  6. Do not keep your jewellery in any closed environment like boxes or drawer or any other storage place for extended period of time. Allow some time to breathe occasionally
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